Primark Valentine’s Range Previews 18

Hey Lovelies,
It’s that time of year again; you either love it or you hate it, just like Marmite! It’s good old Saint Valentine’s Day. I think the important thing to remember is that you don’t have to have a partner to celebrate the day. Celebrate what you want; being single, your love for your friend, how much you love your pet or basically just any relationship. Saying this, don’t feel bad for wanting to celebrate with your partner either! That said and done, stores are going to be filled with Valentine’s merchandise everywhere you look whether you like it or not!
Primark have brought their own range out and I have to say I LOVE the lingerie they’re releasing! The bras are so beautiful and different. I know a lot of brands have brought out the bondage bra over the past few years but even I was surprised by Primark’s coming range. Not to say I don’t think Primark are capable, I just feel the bondage bras in their Valentine’s range are different to ones I’ve seen from other brands in the past. I definitely love this type of bra under a lower cut top or vest top. They’re such a great accessory. The lace detail on their bras and knickers is also very eye catching on the red and black pieces.
Saying this, if you aren’t a fan of the bandage bra or aren’t looking for lingerie they also have some cute cushions, candles and even a few treats! I’ll leave some photos of the range below!
One last thing, I think it’s amazing that Primark have used a range of model sizes on their campaign which unfortunately is still rare to see even these days!

How will you be spending your Valentine’s and will you be picking up any of the range from Primark? Let me know in the comments below!
Love Sarah

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