50’s Style ~ Floral

Dress ~ Ebay
Heels ~ Primark
Hey Ladies,
So sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, not to mention that these 50’s dress posts are well overdue and of course Happy belated New Year! If you follow me on my other social media platforms then you’ll know I have been rather unwell now for a few weeks now and am only now just starting to feel a little better. So, I thought this would be a good opportunity to get back on top of my Blog and YouTube before university commitments take up so much time!
I have plans, as soon as I am well enough, to completely reschedule the way I organise my life; from university, blog writing, YouTube filming and editing as well as my health priorities which I need to get on top of such as working out more regularly and eating better. I also want to re-organise how I run my business with my sister, IronRox, as I’ll be finishing university this year and my first ever nephew is due around the same time, I’m so excited!!! 
I have a lot to organise, but first I need to get myself back to good health and until then let me talk you through my 50’s dress outfit above! 
This dress I managed to pick up for just under £15 on Ebay! I love finding niche items on Ebay, it’s crazy what you can find on there! The print is very much a main part of the outfit so I kept the heels plain and matched the petticoat with the black. I think this dress is better suited to spring and summer, but with the right accessories could easily be worn over the colder months.
What unique items have you picked up on Ebay? Leave it in the comments below and I’ll go have a neb!
Love Sarah xo

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