A Princess In Her Castle…

*Dress ~ Shein
Flower Head Band ~ Primark
Hand Jewellery ~ Primark
*All Necklaces ~ Dotty and Tink
Hey Ladies,
Oh my goodness, it has been too long! Firstly, I just want to say a big sorry for not posting for over a month now! I was really rather unwell a few weeks back and since  then I have had A LOT of new things developing which has kept me super busy, as well as catching up on all the things I couldn’t do whilst I was unwell! All will be revealed very soon with regards to my new developments, but for now they are still in the works! I am also feeling a lot better now, if not in need of a good holiday to rest and de-stress from being so busy!
So, I finally managed to get out and get some new blog posts done and (if you haven’t already noticed!) I died my hair orange! I thought this appropriate for the (hopefully!) upcoming Summer weather! I actually have a few posts I shot just before I became unwell but haven’t had the chance to even upload them, so look out for them too in the coming weeks(this will explain why some posts will have blue hair and some will have orange hair!). 
I was fortunate to be introduced to a wonderful unique jewellery store called Dotty & Tink, who have the most beautiful collection available on their website. I love Quartz Crystal type necklaces and unfortunately have never been fortunate enough to own one of my own so naturally I am loving having two! I also received a unique leaf type necklace of which I’ve never seen anything else like before. I have already received so many complements on all of my necklaces, I thought them all very fitting for my fairy tale type princess outfit!
I paired the jewellery with this gorgeous red maxi dress, with it’s slit detailing and slouched straps added to it’s chiffon material it makes for a breath taking princess dress! I added gladiator type heels and a flower head band to finish of my princess look before heading off into the sunset with my prince… 😉
Love Sarah xo

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