The Perfect Valentine’s Date…

Hey Ladies,
This post will be a little different to my usual blog posts, but I thought that with Valentine’s Day coming up I would talk to you about my perfect Valentine’s date and of course, what I’d wear to it.
So personally I prefer day dates rather than night time dates. For one, they last the whole day and two, they can be a lot more fun than the usual dinner and movies. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good dinner and movie date, but let me explain to you about my kind of day date and see which you prefer afterward!
So I’ve been with my boyfriend now for over 9 years and I always love days out together, and hold them highly in my memories. I think the perfect date would have to be if my boyfriend was to tell me that he was going to take me out for the day, but not tell me where! Although, obviously I’d need a few details so I would know what to wear of course! So, we’d set off around say 11am and go somewhere I’d never been before. In the past I’ve always loved it when we’ve gone to an Aquarium or museum, or a little village I’ve never been to before. One of my favourite days out has to be when we went to The Forbidden Corner which is a giant outdoor maze that we literally spent almost 5 hours trying to find our way around! It was so much fun and somewhere I definitely got the most out of by going with my boyfriend. Sometimes dinner with a new date can be awkward if you don’t know each other, and a movie could mean you don’t actually end up talking for half your night! However, running around a maze together is so much more fun and a great experience to get to know each other better or spent quality time together if you’re already a couple. I’d like to think after our little outing to somewhere like this that he’d take me for afternoon tea as I absolutely love doing this and it’s a good time to talk about the great day you just had. As my boyfriend and I are lucky enough to live together, I always like ending our days snuggled up on the sofa, watching a DVD, wrapped up in blankets.
So, for a day outing I’m going to need to be comfortable and practical but I still want to look good for my boyfriend! I’ve put below pictures of all the items I’d wear for my outfit. I picked this cute little skirt that I actually have in another colour and know I’d be comfortable in all day. This way I’m comfortable, but the flattering shape adds to the date factor. I paired it with this cute cropped sweater with lace up detailing, so the long sleeves keep me warmer if we are outside but the detailing is girly and fun. I added these absolutely gorgeous boots from Ego which I have been in love with since the moment I laid eyes on them! If you follow me on my other social media sites you’ll know how long I’ve been after them! The boots keep the palette neutral and the heel height is perfect for all day; not too high so I can last all day in them, but not too low so it adds length to my legs. I then added this cute pink satchel; it’s big enough to fit necessities in I may need over the day, but small enough to carry around all day. Plus, the long strap means I can put it across my body and forget about it. Lastly, I added this gorgeous faux suede bomber jacket from River Island. It’s in-keeping with the neutral girly palette and would help to keep me warm in this February weather, without being a pain to carry around if we were indoors all day. I think the overall colour theme of nude helps to keep it girly and fun, especially with the skirt and lace up detailing but the practical touches make it a real winner with me as comfort is a big thing if I’m wearing it all day!
Skirt ~ MissGuided
Sweater ~ MissGuided
Faux Suede Bomber Jacket ~ River Island

Perspex Heel Ankle Boots ~ Ego
Satchel ~ River Island
What would your perfect Valentine’s date be and what would you wear to it? Does my day date sound fun? Or would you still prefer an evening date? Let me know below!
Love Sarah xo

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