My Valentine’s Bae

*Dress ~ Sammy Dress
*Heels ~
Clutch ~Primark
Hey Ladies,
As we all know by now Valentine’s Day is slowly creeping up on us this coming weekend and for many can be a very depressing day of the year. So how about we try this instead; my ‘Bae’ doesn’t have to be a person! It can mean anything that you love. How about this Valentine’s we celebrate our ‘love’?! I love shopping, I love Pole Dancing, I love movies… Celebrate what you love, whatever it is!
One of my great loves is Pole Dancing. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to dedicate to it the time I would like, but I still like to do it whenever I get the chance. I’ve always been fascinated by what the human body can do on just a pole: the strength and determination of the girls who do it is unbelievable. Having done it myself to an intermediate level I know the determination to perfect that line and just try one more time to get that position! Plus, I believe the greatest thing about Pole dancing is how it makes you feel. I highly recommend anyone try out a class and see what it does for you. I think a lot of women feel like they aren’t ‘sexy’ enough or aren’t ‘small’ enough to pole dance, but this isn’t the case at all. I’ve been to many classes and there is not one type of women at these classes, and you’ll probably find the class very welcoming! 
So what’s your love? Let me know below! I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day and remember to celebrate your ‘Bae’, i.e. something you love!
Love Sarah xo
P.s. For any of you ladies heading out with your ‘human Bae’ then the outfit above is some Valentine’s date outfit inspo for you! Did I mention I love these shoes?!

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