First Winter Coat

Coat – Primark
Dungaree Dress – Primark
Top – Primark
Boots – Primark
Hey Ladies,
I love outfits when they’re entirely from Primark and people say to you ”No way?!” and ”You’re kidding?!”, well I’m not. My entire outfit is from Primark. I never find this hard to believe because I’ve always been a fan of Primark, especially in the Autumn/Winter seasons. I know some of their stuff may have been a little on the flimsy side a good few years ago, but all stores have to come from somewhere right? 
I think my biggest obsession with Primark is their coats! Last year I think I almost bought their entire coat range! Ok well maybe not all of them but believe me a good few (there’s a video on my Youtube channel from last year on my Primark coat collection if you’re interested!). This coat is my first Primark coat purchase of the season. Since I’ve purchased it it has also come out in two other colours; black and a deep tan brown colour. I love this one however and have literally worn it almost every day since buying it, although I’ve actually had the faux fur collar off until just recently as it is only just getting chilly enough to need it. I put the coat with these cute boots and dungaree dress in my favourite colour of the moment; a deep red burgundy/wine/Bordeaux colour or whatever you want to call it! 
I know the deep red colour clashes with my hair but I have recently died my hair silver/grey and these blog posts should catch up eventually!
Love Sarah xo

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