*Dress – MuseTHEORY
Trainers – Ebay
Cap – Primark
Bracelets – Assortment from Primark
Socks – Primark
Hey Ladies,
I’m glad to announce that I am now the UK brand ambassador for MuseTHEORY! They’re a fairly new brand that I loved as soon as I found them. They’re style is so edgy and individual. I haven’t seen another clothing brand like them! Even their models on their site are different to the usual; sporting fetching gas masks along side the clothing!
I’m going to be working with them for the foreseeable future, but this doesn’t mean that all I’ll be showing will be their clothing! I’m still going to feature/blog as I normally do, but I’ll be styling their pieces like in today’s post.
I wanted my first post to reflect their edgy individuality with this funky netted dress. I love the styling of this dress, and although I’ve styled it in a sporty way it could easily be worn casually with say some Converse for daily wear.
 MuseTHEORY have also been kind enough to give my followers a discount for 15% off any purchase;
‘SarahPMUSE15’ to be used at

Make sure to check them out on Instagram too for regular updates;

MuseTHEORY Instagram

I hope you’ll back me in my new venture and expect more outfits styled by me from the brand in coming weeks!
Love Sarah


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