Kardashian: Take 2

Coat – MissGuided
Heels – ASOS
Clutch Bag – ASOS (Similar)
Hey Ladies,
This outfit ties in two of my favourite styles at the minute; nude and Kardashian inspired. I love anything Nude, Camel or Stone and, if your a regular on my blog and read my ‘Kardashian’ post, you’ll know I love how the Kardashian girls dress for curves!
Neutral colours are a big trend this year; not just including your Nude palette but Khaki and Grey are in too. I personally love this trend and am trying to add more of it into my wardrobe. This dress, along with my Camel coat, is my first full Nude outfit. I love this kind of outfit; styling even the accessories in nude gives a very chic effect. I don’t feel it’s too much nude as I personally really like the full effect, but you could style it differently of course with say perhaps Khaki accessories or maybe even black heels.
I need to take just a moment to appreciate these heels, as they are perfection in my eyes! I’ve always wanted mutli-strap heels and when I seen these, at a none designer price, of course I had to have them! Even with all the straps, they are extremely comfortable and easy to walk in. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I have quite a collection of heels now, and it’s safe to say these are definitely competing for my top spot!
I feel I’ll be wearing a lot more neutral colours and even more Kardashian inspired outfits, as I feel really comfortable in them and love the overall effect it gives me. Of course, I’m never one to shy away from colour (as you’ve probably guessed by my hair!) but for now I’m loving this trend.
Love Sarah xo


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