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Everything - Primark
Leggings - Ebay

Hey Lovelies,

I wanted to create an outfit that shows my love for all things Harry Potter and of course my house; Slytherin!

If you didn't already know that Primark has a huge Harry Potter range out, then where have you been? I've bought my fair share of it already and my absolute favourite piece from the collection has to be this over sized Slytherin house jumper. I've been living in it ever since I got it! It is extremely oversized, but personally I love this look as it's very wearable with leggings. I especially love pairing the jumper with these ripped, edgy leggings as I feel it goes well with Slytherin aesthetic! Also, can you believe these leggings were only £4?

Showing your love for a brand, movie or character through your clothing isn't to everyone's taste, but personally I love it! Would you represent your Hogwarts house through clothing? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's are the links to my 2 YouTube haul videos of my purchases from the range...

...and here is the link to my blog post on the full range in case you missed it...

Sarah xo

Everyday Is Halloween


*Nightmare on Elm Street top - Boohoo
*Pumpkin skirt - Boohoo
 *Spider tights - Boohoo
*Horn headband - Boohoo
Boots - Primark last year (Similar)
Jacket - Primark last year (Similar)

Hey Lovelies,

Happy Halloween! Well, almost! I personally live for Halloween! For me, it isn't just one night of the year, it's a lifestyle. When all of the Halloween merchandise hits stores, it's like my home shopping and new wardrobe season has arrived! I don't go as crazy as I used to when I was younger, but I still buy pieces here and there and lately I have been putting my own spin on Halloween home ware by spraying some finds in pastel colours to match my home decor!

I don't really go out drinking or to parties but I love the Halloween fashion available these days, so I thought, why not bring Halloween clothes into the every day? So I did! I created this outfit you see above to capture my love for the season, but so that it is still an everyday, casual and wearable outfit. I would totally wear this on a daily basis! You could even break up the skirt and top from each other with other plain ones for an even more dressed down outfit or take of the tights and horns off completely. I don't think Halloween has to be for one night of the year, not when it's this wearable! Am I right?

Would you wear Halloween inspired clothing as everyday casual, or maybe you already do? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Sarah xo

If you're feeling inspired check out Boohoo's Halloween Range they have 30% off till Sunday! This skirt is only £6! (I do suggest sizing up in this skirt though; as fabulous as it is, it is on the small side!)

Because I'm A Lady, That's Why!


Jumper - Primark
Socks - Ebay
Jelly Shoes - Primark
Bum Bag - Ebay

Hey Lovelies,

I think it's safe to say that we are definitely in Autumn now and I love it! Bring on Halloween and Christmas! Ok slow down Sarah, but yes it is the most wonderful time of the year! Saying all this, I mean surprisingly not really enjoying the early dark nights as much as I do but I really feel that this is due to the fact that we never really got Summer here in the UK, or at least us northerners certainly didn't! Saying this, I think it's definitely a sure thing we're going to get a cold winter!

I love that the Autumn/Winter fashion is starting to role out in stores, including some of the pieces I was lucky enough to preview a few months back at AW17 fashion preview events and now I can finally get my hands on them!

For my first Autumn outfit I had put together this snugly Marie jumper from Primark into a wearable autumn outfit; warm enough for the changing season but not too warm! I paired the pink jumper with these amazing Topshop sequin jeans I picked up a few weeks back. I wanted to keep the outfit fun but wearable and I think the sequin and pink with the baggy fit keeps it that way. I added these cute lace socks with the jelly shoes so that they were more wearable for the season, and finally added a touch more sequin and pink with the cute bum bag!

I love these Primark jumpers especially; I haven't stopped wearing them since I bought a few in the collection!

Are you looking forward to the changing season or are you more of a Spring/Summer person?

Love Sarah xo
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