Back To School Stationery with Primark


Hey Lovelies,

So I, like most, love a new set of stationery. There's just something very enlightening about a new notebook and pen. I always find that if I'm feeling a little lethargic towards work that a new notebook really gives my ideas life and go! 

Primark have really got me excited about their new stationery range, and just in time for the new school year! Whether it be school, college or university that you're off to there's a wide range to choose from. Or even if you work in an office and want some new pens to jazz up or your desk or if you're like me and work from home and want some new goodies to spruce up your study, there's definitely something for everyone! 


I personally have my eye on the first notebook below; the fluffy pink unicorn book! It's so cute and imagine pulling this out of your bag, its sure to catch everyone's eye!

Pens, pencils etc.

 I'm all for a fluffy pen! I have 2 from Primark on my desk next to me right now! They're so unique and fun to write with!


 I love getting myself organised and I actually already have this weekly paper planner below from their range at the beginning of the year. I use it at the start of every week to write down what I need to do for the rest of the week and it helps me to stay organised through the week and not forget anything! I love it! Plus Ii only paid £2 for mine so I'm guessing this one will be a similar if not the same affordable price.
What will you be picking up in the range? If you're like me and work from home I highly recommend trying a new notebook, it works wonders for me to stay motivated!

Love Sarah xo

My Little Pony


Top, Shorts, Shoes, Ring & Jacket - Primark
Socks - Leg Avenue
Wig - EvaHair use code 'LOUISE' for money off!

Hey Lovelies,

I hope you're all having a sparkly start to the week! So in case you weren't aware, I have a 'slight' obsession with My Little Pony! I have quite a large collection of My Little Pony, all from when I was younger. They're all original of course, I much prefer the vintage My Little Pony to the newer ones, although I have to admit they are still rather cute! So when I seen that Primark was bringing out a My Little Pony range, I had to nab as much of it as I could of course! 

I adore that the range included some denim shorts with a matching denim jacket. It's so 90's and fits with the My Little Pony theme so well. The top I'm wearing is actually a night top, but I think it works well as a day top too. I paired the outfit with some cute socks, pink sandals and this unique 'Unicorn Tears' bag that I think all go very nicely with the aesthetic. 

I admit this outfit is very full on, but for those who want to add a little fun into their wardrobe all of these pieces are very wearable on their own as a more casual outfit with plain pairings. 

Did anyone else manage to pick up anything from the range? If so, how did you style it? By the way, if you want to see what else I picked up from the range I've included my YouTube haul of everything I purchased below! 

I do think that most of the range has gone now from stores, but you can always check the sale section in Primark where I have seen some of the pieces still hanging around just the other day! Ebay is also a great place to find it!

Love Sarah xo


Primark Harry Potter Range Preview | August 17


Hey Lovelies,

So I was very lucky to be given the low down on Primark's new Harry Potter range, hitting stores NEXT WEEK! So the week beginning 14th August we should start to see everything I'm about to show you rolling into Primark stores from next week onwards! 

I personally am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and I am an loyal Slytherin. With this is mind, Primark has not disappointed with this range. They have catered for ALL of the houses with more than one piece for each house. So don't worry if you're in a house that isn't usually taken care of in the merchandise department, like poor Hufflepuff! Primark has got you covered!

I've separated the range into 7 categories, in this order to make it easier as there is A LOT in this range; Hogwarts crest pieces, miscellaneous Harry Potter pieces, Gryffindor House, Slytherin House, Hufflepuff House, Ravenclaw House and a Baby range!

Hogwarts Pieces









I think my favourite piece from the Hogwarts crest items is definitely the luxury navy dressing gown. It looks so snugly and cosy, perfect for the colder nights which are on their way! I'm definitely going to need that cauldron mug too for having my hot chocolate in while I watch the Harry Potter movies over Christmas (isn't the build up to Christmas the best?!).



I love Harry Potter quotes especially this one in the light box said by Albus Dumbledore ''Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light'', which is very fitting for a light box indeed! I'll definitely be adding that one to my collection, most probably in my office for those gloomy winter days!

Gryffindor House



So even though I'm Slytherin, there's a few things throughout the range that show up in each house and it's these that I think I'm going to have to collect all of; house pin set, house keyrings and of course the house cushions. I also really like the Gryffindor backpack, I can see this working really well for school too! I've also had a great idea to get the canvas tote bag for each house too and put them onto canvases, I think that will look so unique!

Slytherin House


 My precious Slytherin, where do I begin.... Firstly, I NEED that hoodie. If there is a better way to represent your house over the coming winter I don't know what it is! In fact, there's no need for me to go through this house, I'll be doing my best to get it all! :D

Hufflepuff House


I really love the Hufflepuff range, I think it's so wearable! The hoodie could have easily been yellow but I think the black will appeal to so many more people! I might also have to get cute little shorts pajama set, my fellow Slytherin can never know! ;)

Ravenclaw House


I really love the colours of Ravenclaw in the pin set alongside the silver. How cute would it be if you got a group of people together from different houses for a meet up or your friends for a sleep over and you all wore a different houses?! 

Baby Range


How cute is this baby range?! I think I'm going to be covering my nephew in this as soon as it hits stores!

I'm still feeling very privileged to have been given the chance to see all of this range before it hits stores, and obviously I had to share it with you guys! So what pieces are you most looking forward to and what will you be heading straight to stores to buy?  Don't forget the range hits stores week beginning 14th August 17, so make sure you keep an eye out for it! I know I will be!

Love Sarah xo

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