Bohemian Babe


Top -Primark
Skirt - Asos
Heels - Primark
Bag - H&M
Hat - Bought at a festival!
Hey Ladies,
So I'm carrying on with the Bohemian style in this post, and like I mentioned in my last post, I had to keep it all black (not a tan fan!).
I've been after a fringe skirt for a while now, and having missed out on the H&M Coachella one, I managed to find one on ASOS. I absolutely love it! It's such an eye-catching piece that's bound to make an outfit. It can be dressed down for day too with a plain vest top and sandals, for those less adventurous. I put it with my lace up heels, off the shoulder top and tassel bag to keep the Bohemian theme going. I added this cute hat for a bit of fun, although I really would keep this for festivals only!
I think I'll dress the skirt up for an evening outfit too; I can definitely see me wearing it a lot over the coming months for a lot of different occasions.
Love Sarah xo



Top - Primark
Platforms - Primark
Bucket Bag - H&M
Sunglasses - Ebay
Hey Ladies,
Thank goodness I finally got a bit of free time to blog, I'm having withdrawals! My exam revision really is taking up all my time, but I managed to get out today and shoot this 70's inspired Boho outfit.
I've got to admit, I haven't been loving the 70's trend this year but I figured it's probably because of all the tan fringing (which I am not a fan of!). However, black Boho I can do! I felt inspired by all the Coachella outfits flying around the internet at the moment, and once I seen these black bell bottom lace trousers I knew I'd found my niche in the trend. I built the outfit around the bottoms and kept to black because I knew this way I'd be comfortable in it and most importantly, I'd wear the outfit!
I added this gorgeous fringe bucket bag, which I can't wait to wear with every outfit, not just Boho! This beautiful top is from Primark and I've never worn a top like this before but I really love it. The platforms I'd wear anyway so these just added to my love for this outfit.
Even though I didn't originally think I would wear this trend, everything in this outfit I'd feel comfortable enough to wear out and they all work individually for a toned down Boho addition to a normal outfit.
I feel I will be embracing my inner 'Boho Babe' a lot more this Summer! 
Love Sarah xo


Lauren Pope for InTheStyle High Summer Collection Launch


My Outfit:
Cape Blazer - MissGuided
Jumpsuit - Bank Fashion
Shoes - Primark

Lauren Pope Collection available from InTheStyle

Hey Ladies,

I just quickly want to say sorry I haven't been posting as regularly but I'm right in the middle of exam season and I've been revising like crazy. I'll try my hardest to post when I can, and as soon as my exams are over at the end of May I have the whole of the summer to blog like crazy! I already have so much planned for my blog and Youtube! So just bare with me for a few more weeks! I appreciate all your support!

Now onto the post! So I was lucky enough to be invited to the Lauren Pope High Summer collection launch for fashion store InTheStyle. It was my first blogger event and I was quite nervous because I've never been to one of these events before and didn't know anyone going. I only got invited the day before so I was not prepared either! I didn't know what to wear, I had been letting my hair fade to re-dye for an event I'm attending at the weekend and I had to do my make-up on the 4 hour train journey on the way down! Basically, I was worried about everything but, I was excited!

I've never been to London by myself and had quite a long journey, not to mention I needed to find the venue on my own once I got there, but my fashion blogging means so much to me that I was determined to get there and make it work! I did my make-up on the train so I was as fresh for as long as possible. I managed to work out the underground line and stops straight away and found the venue without getting lost once! 

Once I arrived I was taken up to the top floor in a cute little mirrored lift and out on the roof top. It was the perfect day for a roof party; the sun was shinning and the shades went on! Everyone was so nice and made me feel so comfortable, straight away I was having a great time! There was great food and drink; I had an amazing beautiful personalised cocktail which tasted so nice (picture above).  

Once Lauren arrived she came straight over to say hi and I ended up speaking to her quite a few times throughout the event; she is so down to earth and lovely to speak to. Of course she was wearing a piece from her range and she looked absolutely amazing!

There was a catwalk of all her pieces and everything was so beautiful; as you can see from my pictures above! I think I'll definitely be investing in a few pieces! 

I met a few other bloggers whilst I was there like Sarah Ashcroft, who I'm a big fan of! I also met Beth Norton, Megan Cawe and a special shout out to Monique from Glitter and Grimes who is an absolute doll and made the day so much easier for me!

Overall I had an amazing day; everyone was nice including all of the bloggers and all the girls from InTheStyle and Avant PR. It was such a beautiful venue and event, I felt so privileged to be there. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great first blogger event for me and a special thank to Avant PR for the invite!

Finger's crossed it's the first of many more blogger events to come!

Love Sarah xo

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