London Fashion Weekend

Hey Ladies,

As some of you may already know I spent last weekend down in London at London Fashion Weekend! If you don't know what this is it's basically the public version of London Fashion Week. You have to be invited to the shows at LFW, but for LFWend anyone can buy tickets. 

There are different value tickets available; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Luxe. Different tickets get you into a different amount of catwalks and the Luxe ticket offers an amazing package with front row seats, a champagne reception and the 'Luxe Lounge' so you don't have to walk around all of the boutiques so much! I originally wanted to go Luxe but unfortunately the tickets sold out so fast, but at least I know for next year! I ended up going Silver on the Sunday, which enabled me entry, company talks and one catwalk. I also received Bronze tickets (entry and talks only) for the Saturday from a company on Instagram called OxfordStreetW1. 

So I took a 4 1/2 hour train journey down to London and first stop was the amazing Royal Horse Guards Hotel to drop off my bags! I then headed to a Mexican for lunch, then made my way to the event!

At the event there was a lot more people than I thought dressed down, but this if anything was comforting because a fashion event can be quite imtimidating! However, I had a few photographers and even general public asking for a photograph of my gorgeous River Island suit on the Sunday (pictures below). The event was set in Somerset House, which is where London Fashion Week is held, and immediately I seen the iconic logo on the outside wall of the catwalk where it is necessary for anyone attending to snap a picture! I managed to get mine (see below) after a little wait and then headed off around the pop up boutiques around the building. There was a lot of designers on offer, some I hadn't even heard of but to be honest unless you had a lot of spare money it wasn't exactly purse strings friendly! 

This is mind, I didn't actually buy anything at the event, or even pretty much the whole trip! A lot of my money went on taxis/underground and food! Although I did buy a Maybelline Baby Lips, which I've been wanting to try out, from the event and some souvenirs from Harrod's of course!

The following day I attended the event again and at 2:30pm attended my first catwalk! I saw a 'Trend' catwalk which included 6 outfits each of; Hyper Florals, Shine and Shimmer, Monochrome and 70's! Monochrome was definately my favourite, and if you're a regular here on my blog you'll probably have guessed that!

I fully enjoyed my time in London and at the event but next year I'll definately book up early and go Luxe as I think it'll be more of an experience rather than expensive boutiques and walking around! If you're into Fashion and fancy seeing a catwalk then I'd definately recommend LFWend, but book up early to make sure you get the tickets you want!

Below are a few pictures but I mostly video'd my time there and made it into a Vlog for Youtube! If any of you are interested in seeing my trip and the event in more detail then either click HERE or scroll to end for the video or follow my YouTube link to the right for my channel! (My suit details and links are underneath the last picture!)

Thanks for reading!

Love Sarah xo

Picture Credit: Tim Jones Photography

Suit Jacket - River Island
Suit Trousers - River Island
Blouse - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Bag - NewLook

London Fashion Weekend YouTube Vlog:

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  1. Your white outfit is amazing!! Very classic and stylish - perfect for LFW! Your hair is actual perfection, so jealous! Thanks for sharing your awesome video, hope you had a great time :) xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Thanks Sophie and I really did thank you! 😙 x

  2. Hi my friend thx for your Nice experience My goal is to see oneday a live show i hope to realize It.
    But thx for details I think the must Important its to enjoy yourself and had so much souvenirs �� So sorry for my bad english i need to practise more...xoxo Dressinggirly31

    1. Hey no problem glad you liked the post! Hope you get to see a catwalk one day too! :)