An Alternative New Year's Eve


Fur Gilet ~ Ebay
Polo Neck Top ~ Marks and Spencer
Trousers ~ River Island
Shoes ~ Next

Hey Ladies,

I thought I'd share with you what I did to celebrate New Year's Eve, and what I wore of course! Me and my boyfriend decided to go to Whitworth Hall and have some food late afternoon, then relax back home later. I'm not really one for drinking, and to be honest much prefer a quiet night in watching movies snuggled up on my sofa under a blanket! So I guess to me this isn't really an alternative way to spend New Year's Eve, but I know for most it probably is.

I decided to wear my new River Island dogtooth trousers I picked up in their sale. They are  of a really high quality for only £15, really thick and fit nicely. I put them with my faux fur Gilet and polo neck top, then added my favourite Next ankle boots with their silver trim to finish it off. I loved this outfit, even if it isn't your typical New Years Eve sparkly dress, which don't get me wrong I love but it wouldn't of been appropriate for me tonight!

We had a lovely afternoon tea in beautiful surroundings, which I'm sure you can see from the photos, then headed back home for a quiet night snuggled up under a blanket watching New Year's Eve telly and eating far too much Christmas chocolate!

However you spend your New Year's Eve have a good one and all the best for the New Year!

Love Sarah xo

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  1. I have spent NYE at home as well! Watching movies and had some champagne :) I love your hair colour !! Visit my blog sometime...:)
    Anna xx

    1. Aw thank you Anna! I'm glad you had a good night too! :) thanks for stopping by, I'll visit your blog now!

  2. Thank you. Would be nice if you leave your thoughts as well :)) All best in 2015! :)

  3. omg I love your hair haha. I also really like that gilet, can't believe it's from ebay and so cheap! Do you mind me asking what the quality is like? I've had a few hits and misses with quality buying off ebay...

    Alabaster and Onyx

    1. Thanks Rio :)

      I know what you mean for quality on ebay but in all honesty the Gilet is fine. It's nice and furry, no gaps and it lye well. It's not really thick but I don't mind the thickness at all. I'd say get yourself one!