An Alternative New Year's Eve


Fur Gilet ~ Ebay
Polo Neck Top ~ Marks and Spencer
Trousers ~ River Island
Shoes ~ Next

Hey Ladies,

I thought I'd share with you what I did to celebrate New Year's Eve, and what I wore of course! Me and my boyfriend decided to go to Whitworth Hall and have some food late afternoon, then relax back home later. I'm not really one for drinking, and to be honest much prefer a quiet night in watching movies snuggled up on my sofa under a blanket! So I guess to me this isn't really an alternative way to spend New Year's Eve, but I know for most it probably is.

I decided to wear my new River Island dogtooth trousers I picked up in their sale. They are  of a really high quality for only £15, really thick and fit nicely. I put them with my faux fur Gilet and polo neck top, then added my favourite Next ankle boots with their silver trim to finish it off. I loved this outfit, even if it isn't your typical New Years Eve sparkly dress, which don't get me wrong I love but it wouldn't of been appropriate for me tonight!

We had a lovely afternoon tea in beautiful surroundings, which I'm sure you can see from the photos, then headed back home for a quiet night snuggled up under a blanket watching New Year's Eve telly and eating far too much Christmas chocolate!

However you spend your New Year's Eve have a good one and all the best for the New Year!

Love Sarah xo


Feeling Fancy


Boots ~ Public Desire
Dress ~ Primark
Ring ~ Primark
Coat ~ Primark
Bag ~ NewLook
Fluffy Pom Pom Keyring ~ River Island

Hey Ladies,

So I went shopping with my little sister and we wanted to make a bit of a day of it, so I decided to wear this outfit. I wanted to be comfortable for walking around all day, but I still wanted to look good! These Public Desire boots are perfect for this; they look great and because of the platform it's like you're not even wearing heels, which is perfect for all day wear! The dress was stylish and the floaty fit was really pretty at a perfect length for the boots. Then I added my new faux fur pink bag which I am totally in love with, and I had my fabulous shopping day outfit!

Thanks for reading!

Love Sarah xo

Cosy Knits


Jumper - H&M
Boots - Public Desire
Bag - River Island
Tights - Primark

Hey Ladies, 

Hope you've all had a very merry Christmas! Today's outfit was what I wore to my parents for Boxing Day; eating a lot of food and playing board games with the family! Cosy for lounging, but still stylish enough so I didn't look sluggish! I'd been dying to get my hands on these boots for ages and luckily Santa granted my wish (in the form of my boyfriend!). I just adore this style of boot and can't wait to wear them over the coming colder months. The thick knit of this jumper and the beautiful blue colour was a win win for me. Once the jumper was teamed with my cosy fur lined tights I was as snug as a bug!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Christmas festivities!

Love Sarah xo

Liebster Award - I've been nominated!

Hey Ladies,

So about a week or so ago I was nominated for the Liebster award by Isobel Celine at I would firstly like to say thank you so much Isobel for nominating me, I am so grateful you thought of my little blog! Also, I am sorry it has taken me a little while to get this post up, I have been really busy but I got here eventually! 

For anyone who doesn't know, the Liebster award is an award given to bloggers who have less than 3000 followers by other bloggers. If nominated, a post accepting the award along with 11 facts and 11 answered questions about yourself needs to be blogged. Here's a link to the rules for anyone interested:

1. Where were you born?
I was born in Sunderland in the North East

2. Describe yourself in 3 words
Perfectionist, flamboyant & Girly

3. What is your guilty pleasure?
It would have to be Belvita Breakfast Biscuits, I think I have them pretty much every morning!

4. What quality do appreciate the most in others?

5. What dream do you hope to accomplish someday?
I have two: to travel the world and to make fashion blogging my full time job!

6. Three things you cannot live without? (Not people)
Cup of tea, makeup & my blog!

7. Who are your favourite bloggers?
Becca Rose -
Leanne-Lim Walker -
Arabella Golby -
Victoria In The Frow -
Amy Valentine -
Kirsty Mooney -

8. Why did you start blogging?
I've built up quite a wardrobe over time and I don't always get a chance to wear my clothes out as often as they deserve, so I thought this would be a good way to give them the attention that they need! Plus, I love fashion and have felt that since I started my blog I'm much more upto date with fashion goings on and find blogging a satisfying way to feed my passion. 

9. If you could live anywhere on earth where would it be?

10. What would be the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
Take all of my family and friends to DisneyWorld for as long as needed to get round all of the parks in a nice amount of time!

11. What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was younger I wanted to be an air hostess, but my mam put me off when she said I'd have to clean the loos!

Eleven random facts about me;

1. I have an English Bunny called Sir Cuberbun
2. My favourite colours are pink, white and black
3. I name family member and friends' cars; my car is called Christina
4. I love the original Xbox and have my crystal limited edition Xbox in my sitting room still
5. I love tea and drink quite a lot of it everyday!
6. I love Disney in every form
7. I've never broken any bones or been stung by a bee!
8. I cannot swim
9. I have lived in about 13 different houses over my life time
10. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over 8 years
11. In my spare time I do pole fitness and absolutely love it!

The bloggers I nominate are:

Halcyon Velvet - 
Beth Nastassja Kennet -
Ciara O Connor -
Dominique -
Karen Good brand -
Lazy2lovely -
The fashion Antlers -

Thanks for reading!

Love Sarah xo


Primark Coat Collection | Autumn Winter 2014


 Hey Ladies,
I thought I'd collect together all of my Primark coats I've bought recently and show them in one post/video. I have been in love with all of Primark's collections this season, but I've definately got a weakness for their coats and jackets! I've bought 7 so far, and yes I said so far! ;P I'll talk about each coat individually underneath each picture so scroll down!

The Dogtooth Coat - £35
I posted about this coat in my last post and it is definatelly my favourite out of them all. It's flattering and stylish, yet it keeps me warm on colder days which is a biggie for me! I love the pattern and oversize style, I just hope the coat is upto how much I'm going to be wearing it over the months to come!

The White Coat - £25
This coat is so stylish and sophisticated, however it is on the thinner side so it'll definately have to be an autumn coat or kept for a warmer day. I seen it in navy in store the other day incase white it too risky for you!

Pink Faux Leather Jacket - £25
I think a faux leather jacket is a staple piece nearly everyone has, you can throw it on with anything and compliment your outfit. This pink one however is not for the faint hearted! It is the outfit on it's own! I love it because it's so different to the normal, and the pink is so me! However, if pink is too crazy for you the jacket was available in a wide variety of colours, which I think is great because there's so much choice and at a fraction of the price of some of the other highstreet stores.

Blue Smoking Jacket - £23
I saw this coat on another blogger on Instagram and instantly loved it. The thickness is inbetween so it's not a heavy layer but it's not really thin so it works really well for the weather we're having now. It also came in Beige, but I prefered the powder blue with my hair.

 The Long Faux Fur Coat - £35
As soon as I seen this coat on the manikin I think I actually ran over to it and immediately grabbed my size! I've always wanted a long faux fur coat but can't afford the price tag that goes with it. Not this time! £35?! Yes please! It's so soft and gorgeous, I still can't believe Primark produced this beauty and especially for the price!

The Check Smart Coat - £30
At first I didn't love this coat on the hanger, but once I tried it on well I didn't want to take it off basically. It's definatelly a smarter coat for smarter occasions, but it is on the thinner side so maybe not a smart occasion on a cold day! I love putting it with this fur collar also, from Primark, glamming the coat up just that little bit more. 

The Oversized Green Boyfriend Coat - £25
This coat is my latest purchase in the collection, and at £25 I think it's definatelly more than worth the price. The style is so on trend and it's really quite thick, making it a staple piece for me once the colder weather hits.

All of the coats I've bought myself in Primark stores recently so they should all be available if your fancying one yourself! I've also done a video on my Youtube channel of me wearing all the coats if you want to see them worn, just click the Youtube button link to the right and it'll take you straight there! Or here's a direct link:
Thanks for reading this and I'm pretty sure it's ok for me to say this now as it's December...
Merry Christmas!!!
Love Sarah xo
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